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The Outpost Team is available to assist all Shell partners who would like to (get back to) work in Aberdeen. Moving to Aberdeen might be driven by the possibility of your partner having the possibility of finding work here. Please note that we are available to assist you with any questions you may have. We would stress however, that while we can give advice, we cannot help your partner to secure a job. Underlying how we work is a philosophy of 'helping partners to help themselves.'

There are a number of ways we try to assist:                                                                            

If finding a job or a course of study is important to you then you should contact us prior to arriving in Aberdeen, with information about the type of work (either paid or voluntary) or course you are interested in. We can then advise you of the next step.

Career and Development guide Outpost Aberdeen has produced a Career and Development guide. This is a comprehensive guide to what you need to know if you would like to (get back to) work in Aberdeen.

Settling in to Aberdeen course Once you have arrived, your partner will be invited to a one-to-one on Settling in to Aberdeen. An important part of the settling in information is focused on employment and study options.

Personal Consultation We offer personal consultancy services to all partners to try to provide them with information, advice, and guidance to help meet their career and development needs. To get in touch with our team contact Outpost Aberdeen.

Outside Agencies If we do not have sufficient resources to meet all your needs, we may refer you to other external services. For example, we can refer you to other agencies or career counselors in Aberdeen.

Confidentiality; We treat all enquiries confidentially. Outpost Aberdeen is independent of Shell. No personal information is passed to Shell or any other party without your agreement. We keep basic records in a secure computer database so that we can provide you the service you require.

Career and Development Guide

The C&D Guide has been prepared for partners who wish to work, study or otherwise develop their skills or career while accompanying a Shell employee in Aberdeen. Some of the topics covered are complicated and laws are constantly changing. It is, therefore, not always possible to provide full and complete information. Where this is the case, websites and useful contacts are provided.

Topics covered by the C&D Guide are legal requirements to work, job search, self-employment, voluntary work, education and the Partner Development Program. We are always keen to improve and develop this document and would be interested to hear from you if you have any other useful information or would like to see additional topics covered. If you would like to receive this guide please get in touch with our team at Outpost Aberdeen.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance. We will be happy to discuss your particular needs and help in any way we can.

Useful information if you would like to work in the UK

Work permits

Before you start to look for a job, you must check that you will be legally entitled to work in the UK. Immigration laws are always complicated and if you have any doubts you must seek advice from your partner’s local HR advisor. As formalities often change you might also like to consult the UK government website on Visas and Immigration to ascertain the current requirements on visas before you travel.

National Insurance Number

When you start working in the UK you need to obtain a National Insurance (NI) number so that your employer can deduct National Insurance contributions and taxation from your earnings as they pay you (known as the PAYE system: Pay as You Earn). You can start work while waiting for your National Insurance number to be allocated. If you are taxed over and above your correct tax amount this is recoverable at the end of the financial year by doing a Tax Refund.

Please note, if you are moving to the UK you can only apply for the NI-number once you are here. Employees, who worked in the UK before, have been given an NI-number in the past.

Those entitled to work in the UK can apply for the NI-number. You can either apply for an NI-number online (charges will apply) or you can contact the Jobcentre Plus to arrange for a NI-application interview. More information on how to receive an NI-number and or what documents you will need to bring for an application can be found on how to apply for a National Insurance Number

English language

If English is not your native language any prospective employer or college/university might require you to demonstrate your English proficiency by taking an IELTS test (International English Language Testing System). For further details on what the test involves, to see specimen tests and to find details of the next test dates and locations you can consult IELTS. The Language Centre at the University of Aberdeen is a registered testing centre and offers the IELTS examination at different points throughout the academic year.  More information can be found on the language centre website and select “English Language and Academic Study Skills”.  IELTS is represented in many countries worldwide; you might even consider taking the test prior to your arrival in the UK if time allows.

Working in specialist fields

If you are qualified in a specialist field or profession which requires you to belong to a professional organisation and/or maintain certain accreditation and practicing certificates or licences you may be required to register with the appropriate professional organisation in the UK before you are allowed to work here in your field. You may have to demonstrate that any qualifications you have from overseas are equal to those which can be obtained in the UK and you may have to undertake further tests or examinations.

For further details of the most common professional bodies are listed in our Career and Development Guide, please contact Outpost Aberdeen for more information. We recommend checking on these requirements well in advance of your arrival in the UK if it is important to you to be able to work soon after your arrival. These procedures can take time or require documentation which it will be easier to find in your base country or in the country where you are currently working.



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